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    Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of Love... A Profound Journey Towards Self Love & Forgiveness.

Seeing Yourself Through The Eyes of Love is my best-selling audio experiences that many have shared with me to be life changing. It's all about helping you experience what I believe are the two most important emotions for us to experience after a breakup. Self Love & Forgiveness. Forgiveness of ourselves and or others.

All too often we are told "You can't be in a healthy relationship with someone else if you don't love yourself", but no one ever guided you through experiencing learning to love yourself... Until now!

This transformational audio normally sells for $97 alone, but is your gift, totally free when you invest today in Get Over A Breakup Fast!

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    The Obsession Obliterator

The Obsession Obliterator is an incredibly simple, yet powerful technique for catching yourself in the act of obsessive thoughts- and neutralizing them, right on the spot!

It’s a technique that many of my clients have shared with me has worked better and faster than anything else they have tried, and for some clients even helps them to stop cravings for sugar and other nasty habits they wanted to let go of as well!

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    Meeting Your Future Self... A Hypnotically Healing Journey Past Your Breakup.

Meeting Your Future Self is a very comforting hypnotic journey into your future, past your breakup, where you will meet your "Future Self" in a way that will help you feel loved, nurtured, and secure in your future, and the present.

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    The Seven Sacred Spirals... A Profound Journey Towards Clearing & Balancing The Chakras.

Especially after a breakup, our emotions can be all over the place causing us to feel completely out of balance.

The Seven Sacred Spirals is another one of my best-selling audio experiences, that guides you on a powerful journey of balancing out your core emotions and helping you to feel centered and balanced as you continue to massively benefit from so much more that 'Get Over A Breakup Fast' has to offer for you!

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    How To Avoid Toxic Relationships Forever.

The first step to getting out of a toxic relationship is recognizing how unhealthy it really is. Wouldn't it be nice to recognize the warning signs before the feelings get too strong, so that you can prevent it from ever happening again!? This Special Report helps you do just that!!

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    Free Email Coaching!

YES! As a Very Special Bonus I'm even including 2 Full Weeks of Free Email Coaching where you can ask me up to 5 questions a week and either myself or one of my Breakup Empowerment Support Team guarantee to email you back with wise, compassionate, and supportive guidance to help you continue to Get Over A Breakup Fast!

Frequently Asked Questions And Answers

1. Will this program help me get over the heartbreak of a divorce?

The short answer: Yes!

The longer answer: Going through a divorce is without a doubt one of the most challenging life experiences we could ever have. Just when we think things are getting better, we get a call from the attorney asking for more money, or your ex's attorney surprises you with something as extreme as stating that they are going for sole custody of the kids , and unfortunately a heck of a lot more.

I'm not going to pretend that 'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' is going to magically "fix" all of that, but I can promise you, it will be an invaluable asset for helping you obtain, sustain, and maintain greater happiness and serenity along the very challenging road of a divorce. I guarantee it.

2. Can you really get over a breakup "Fast"?

The short answer: Yes!

The longer answer: As long as you recognize that "fast" is different than "instant", then Yes...  You absolutely can Get Over A Breakup Fast.

Just how fast depends greatly on multiple variables, including your participation in this program, how long you were with your ex, if you're going through a divorce, etc., but I  feel so confident you will feel more confident and empowered soon after starting Get Over A Breakup Fast!, and will continue to gain greater confidence and empowerment as you participate in the program, that I'm even offering you a full money back guarantee.

Bottom line... I feel very confident you will get over your breakup much faster with this program than you would without it. But don't take my word for it...


Try it for yourself, risk free for 30 days, feeling totally secure in my full 100% money back guarantee!

3. How is this different than other breakup-recovery programs out there?

Short Answer: Frankly, there are very few resources out there that help you get over a breakup, and most of them focus on just being patient and letting time heal your wounds.

Longer answer: There are actually some pretty good books on Amazon about getting over a breakup, but absolutely nothing compares to my 30 day hands-on, highly interactive audio and video program where I personally guide you through numerous profound and undeniable experiences, helping you feel like you have your very own "Breakup Coach" on call 24 hours a day, 7 days a week waiting for you in the online membership portal that you will have instant access to.

There simply isn't anything out there as comprehensive and transformational as
'Get Over A Breakup Fast!"

In my research, I found that most of the very few breakup-recovery programs out there, are actually just extended overly aggressive sales pitches designed to sell you more programs (and make you feel about about yourself if you don't) and not really help you do what you paid them for in the first place, which is to get over your breakup!

Researching this fact really motivated me to put that much more of my heart and soul into Get Over A Breakup Fast! to help people, like you, have the tools that you need right now to start feeling better, and happier, right away.

That said... I want you to know that with or without my program... You are going to be OK.

Bottom line...

'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' will absolutely help you shift through your breakup much faster and more pleasurably than you would without it. In addition, I wholeheartedly believe my full 30 day program will help you dramatically improve your life in ways you aren't even expecting. And with or without my program, You will be OK...

4. Are you available for one on one private sessions?

Short answer: Yes! That's what I do.

Longer answer: I want to be clear...

'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' is a complete and comprehensive program in and of itself, and working with me one on one, and or purchasing any other products or services from me is NOT a requirement. I promise, unlike another program out there, I will never make you feel bad about not purchasing more products or services from me.

That said, I absolutely love helping one on one clients all across the world via Skype or other online video format because it allows me to customize helping you get over your breakup even faster and more powerfully.

I recommend first purchasing 'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' for the very affordable price I'm offering it here, then if you feel like you would like to work with me one/one in addition to going through the audio and video program, then I will even deduct the cost of what you paid for 'Get Over A Breakup Fast!', meaning it will be free to you as my gift.

5. Can I purchase 'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' as a gift for a friend dealing with heartbreak?

Short answer: Yes! Absolutely!

Longer answer: You are awesome! I can't think of a better gift to give a friend going through such a hard time and I feel very confident they will be incredibly grateful to you for your kindness!

If you are purchasing 'Get Over A Breakup Fast!' for a friend, then just be certain to send us an email letting us know that they will be logging in via a different username and password so that we can transfer ownership over to them and welcome them properly. 🙂

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I am extremely confident you will find ‘Get Over A Breakup Fast!’ to be one of the most valuable, and affordable investments you could make for yourself right now, and if you don’t find yourself benefiting profoundly from it, just contact our customer support via email within the first 30 days and I will personally give you every penny back. No questions asked (although any feedback you may have is certainly appreciated). This is my promise to you.

Yep, that's me, Kevin Cole, in the picture. I'm not really big on talking about myself, but I know it's important for you to know that you are investing in a profoundly transformational program, from an internationally recognized, leading expert in helping people Get Over A Breakup Fast!

Despite what I'm told is a very youthful appearance, I'm 44 years old and for over 20 years I've been professionally helping people, like you, rapidly shift through heartbreak, and I'm extremely confident I can help you too. I look forward to seeing you inside the membership portal and hearing about your successes with this extremely comprehensive and life-changing program!

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